Our Story

Our journey began in November 2013 when Janine Chard and Gemma Chard decided to combine their 40 years of experience working in health and social care to start something truly special. As sisters, we shared a vision to create a care provider that reflects the values we hold dear within our own family.

Sorelle, which means “sisters” in Italian, is not just a name; it’s a representation of the strong bond we share and the deep-rooted commitment we have to providing compassionate care to individuals and families in need. Our mission is simple yet profound: to enrich the lives of those we serve by delivering exceptional, family-oriented care and support services.

Our team at Sorelle Support provides a personalised service for those with additional needs across Berkshire and Oxfordshire. We are flexible, proactive, and adaptable; enabling our supported individuals to live a happy and fulfilling life.

We are pleased to be able to:

  • Work closely with family and professionals to get to know our supported individuals better
  • Offer free gym membership for our supported individuals to help them maintain their health and fitness
  • Help our supported individuals manage their finances and save for the future
  • Work around the lives of our supported individuals, such as their social calendar or appointments
  • Help our supported individuals try new activities and learn new skills
  • Promote health, wellbeing, and independence
  • Encourage our supported individuals to advocate for their rights
  • Provide transition support

See our services page for more detail about how we work with our supported individuals, or contact us for more information.

Our Vision

Enrich the lives of those we empower by delivering exceptional, family-oriented care and support services.

Our Purpose

Sorelle will provide the best support for people with additional physical, emotional, or mental health needs to grow in confidence, find independence, stay safe and live a fulfilled life finding new connections, adventures, and possibilities.

Our Values

We are Adaptable / Proactive / inclusive / Compassionate / Open & Honest