At Sorelle Support, we provide a wide range of supported living services and outreach services across Berkshire and Oxfordshire. Our goal is to make a positive impact on the lives of those we support.

  • We offer personalised support plans, safe accommodations, and caring staff.
  • We focus on promoting health, wellbeing, and independence.
  • We help individuals develop life skills, engage in their communities, and advocate for their rights.
  • We provide transition support and handle crises effectively.

Our process

We start with a ‘meet and greet’ to complete the initial assessment form, ideally in the supported individual’s home with the people closest to them. We discuss goals and any medical or health needs and, once a start date is agreed, we complete a full support plan and risk assessment using and online systems. This means that any updates are accessible to our team in real-time.

Meeting unique needs

Everything we do is personalised. We work closely with families and professionals so that we get to know our supported individuals through those closest to them. This is crucial for us to be able to offer the right service and to meet their unique needs; offering the best possible care and support.

Staying healthy

We work closely with organisations to ensure that health and nutrition are met, and we partner with a national gym who gives our supported individuals free membership so that they can maintain their fitness.

Managing finances

We have implemented a financial process with many of the individuals we support. Using selected bank accounts, we help budget their weekly expenditure to ensure financial commitments are met. This helps them avoid debt, save for special occasions, manage budgets, and have the financial flexibility and sustainability to live a happy, healthy life.

We are committed to implementing a robust quality assurance process to ensure that our supported individual’s finances are managed safely.

Fitting into their lives

Our team provides tailored, flexible support, enabling our supported individuals to go to appointments, try new clubs and gatherings, meet up with friends and family, try new activities, gain independent living skills, and work towards goals such as education and employment.

Contact us if you would like any more information on our services.


We are one of three families looking for supported living services so our daughters, who have Down’s and autism, could achieve their ambition of sharing a house together, independent from their families. We selected Sorelle after running a process in which we contacted over 70 providers, had responses from 18, then interviewed 6 before reaching a shortlist of 3.

Sorelle consistently impressed us with their professionalism, proactivity and above all, empathy with our young people. This latter quality was particularly evident when we visited one of their existing supported houses. Sorelle went out of their way to emphasise that we were visiting two people’s home so we were shown around by them, not staff and all of us commented afterwards how it felt like a home, not just a care setting. This stood in such marked contrast to the other providers that this was in the end an easy decision to make.

Fred and Caroline

When your daughter is ready to move out of the family home and start living more independently you need to know that the support provider you choose is the right one. Sorelle could not have been a better choice for our daughter. They worked with us to get to know our daughter’s needs and then ensured that they recruited the best team for the job. All the staff work together to support and enable her to lead as independent a life as possible, making her own choices whilst also staying safe, enjoying life, learning and growing as an independent young lady. Even when there have been bumps in the road the Sorelle team have been communicative and adaptable.

Sorelle are a family company who have successfully created a family house for our daughter to live in, a house she calls home and where she is so happy to live. Thank you Sorelle.

Lorna & Paul Bellamy

I really enjoy being with the Sorelle Support Team. They support me with different activities and clubs and help me to do exercise and eat healthily. Thank you to Sorelle Support for organising theatre trips and fun days out. The team are absolutely fantastic, they are all amazing, kind and caring.


I highly recommend Sorelle Support. My daughter has received support since August 2022 and the care has been fantastic. We have had the same team since the care began which has really helped our autistic daughter, we are very aware of the high turnover of staff in the care sector but this has not been the case with Sorelle for which we are very grateful and has created a lot of stability for both our daughter and ourselves. The team is great from director level to the hands-on support that our daughter receives , they provide care with kindness, knowledge and listen to both our daughter and ourselves at every stage. Our daughter has the most fulfilled life supported by the Sorelle team which is all that she and we wanted. We are very grateful.

Ruth & Steve

I cannot speak more highly of Sorelle. The support they have offered, not only to our son, but the whole family has, and continues to, improve our lives tremendously. In the short time we have been with them they have repeatedly shown to be intuitive and compassionate, particularly when we found ourselves in a crisis. We cannot thank them enough for all their help and support.

Fran & Andy

My Carers support me with various things. In the community I find it difficult but I’m able to do stuff when I’m supported by Sorelle. When Im low my carers keep me focused on the here and now. as I've a tendency to get paranoid with my neighbours to the point where I temporarily lose touch with my emotions. Progress is sometimes slow but as long as I feel supported, I will keep trying!